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Why spend money to make your own website noticed by a few people?

You can have it FREE on our website. 

Free Package includes the following:

  • Basic listing of your business. Each business will have a dedicated Business Page which can be developed as an Online Shop to sell all your Products and Services.
  • Listing of 3 Products/Services FREE if done by yourself with a login facility.
  • A Separate section to offer Seasonal Sales, Discounts, or any other Special Offers.
  • Online inquiry and order taking directly in your email inbox.
  • Section for the Customers’ Reviews.

Free Business Consultancy

  • If you want to start a new business (very small, small, and medium-size) or to improve the performance of your already running business, then feel free to call us and we are very happy to chat with you and to propose the best possible options. We do not charge any fee for this service.


Development of Online Shop for your Business

  • On your Business Page, we will list all your products and services with pictures, descriptions, specifications, prices, videos (if available), etc.
    • Rs. 3000/- [US$ 20] (one time only) for up to 20 Products/Services
    • Rs. 5000/- [US$ 33] (one time only) for up to 50 Products/Services

Maintenance of Online Shop

  • After the development of your online shop, we will maintain the contents, edit/modify the contents when required, add more Products/Services, delete old Products/Services, post your sales & discounts when offered by your business, etc.
    • Rs. 3000/- [US$ 20] per year – 20% discount is available for the first year.

Promotion of Online Shop

  • We will promote your business within your local area, all over Pakistan and Abroad depending upon your requirements. Contact for details.

Creation of Your Business Location on Google Map

  • Price: Rs. 1000/- [US$ 7] (one time only)

Development of “Google My Business” Page for your Business

  • Price: Rs. 1500/- [US$ 10] (one time only)
  • Price: Rs. 2000/- [US$ 15] (per year) for Maintenance of you Google My Business Page – Optional

Development and Publishing of MOBILE APP for your Business on Google App Store

  • Price: Rs. 15,000/- [US$ 100] (one time only)


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