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Fellow Chartered Accountant in Lahore: M Safdar

Financial Management that adapts to your Business

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I’m part of MHSSCO (Malik Haroon Shahid Safdar & Co), the Chartered Accountant in Lahore, a company dedicated to helping businesses in Pakistan and abroad. We offer various services like providing advice, auditing finances, and ensuring legal compliance.

Here’s what we do:

  • Provide investment advice: We help businesses decide where to invest their money for growth.
  • Offer business coaching: We advise entrepreneurs on how to start and manage their businesses.
  • Assist with startups: We guide new businesses in getting off the ground successfully.
  • Consult on corporate governance: We ensure that businesses follow all the necessary rules and regulations.
  • Conduct audits: We thoroughly check a company’s financial records for accuracy.
  • Handle accounting tasks: We assist businesses with their financial management.

Moreover, we conduct “Due Diligence,” which involves thoroughly examining a company before it makes important decisions.

Additionally, we conduct “Feasibility Studies” to determine the viability of business plans before implementation.

Furthermore, we help businesses draft “Business Plans,” providing a roadmap for their growth and success.

Also, our services include “Capital Restructuring” to strengthen struggling businesses.

Additionally, we assist with “Finance and Private Equity,” managing investments and attracting potential investors.

For major business deals, we provide “Transaction Advisory” services to ensure smooth transactions.

As a Chartered Accountant in Lahore, we offer tax planning and compliance services to help businesses manage their taxes efficiently and legally.

Moreover, we assist with “Corporate Planning and Compliance,” helping businesses develop solid financial plans and adhere to regulatory requirements.

Our goal is to ensure that businesses thrive and operate within legal boundaries.