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Cosmic Institute Multan Claimed

Educational Institute

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Welcome to Cosmic Institute Multan, a special place where you can learn lots of important things about healthcare and law. At Cosmic Institute Multan, we offer many different programs to help you become really good at your job.

What We Offer:

We provide different classes to teach you new things. You can earn degrees in healthcare or law, like Associate Degree Programs (ADP), Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Laws (LLB), or Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). Moreover, our teachers ensure you learn everything you need to know to excel in your job. Our meticulously crafted curriculum ensures that students receive comprehensive training tailored to their career aspirations.

Special Classes:

In addition to regular classes, we offer special two-year programs for healthcare jobs. These classes cover important topics such as caring for moms and babies, working in a pharmacy, or assisting doctors in a clinic. These diploma courses cover a range of essential healthcare disciplines, including:

  1. Lady Health Visitor (LHV): Focuses on maternal and child healthcare, family planning, and community health education.
  2. Pharmacy Technician: Provides comprehensive training in pharmaceutical sciences, medication dispensing, and pharmaceutical calculations.
  3. Dispenser: Emphasizes practical skills in medication dispensing and pharmacy operations for effective patient care.
  4. Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT): Covers laboratory techniques, diagnostic procedures, and quality assurance practices crucial for clinical laboratory work.
  5. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA): Offers hands-on training in basic nursing skills, patient care, and medical ethics to assist registered nurses.
  6. Community Midwifery Worker (CMW): Equips students with skills for providing maternal and neonatal care services in community settings, with a focus on preventive healthcare and safe childbirth practices.

Expert Faculty and Practical Training:

Our skilled teachers actively engage you in learning through various methods, including classroom discussions, hands-on experiments, and real-world practice in hospitals or clinics. This approach helps you learn better and gain confidence in your skills.

Start Your Journey:

If you want to help people and have a rewarding career, come to Cosmic Institute Multan! We’ll guide you through learning everything you need to succeed in healthcare or law. Join us and embark on a rewarding journey towards professional success.