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Karachi Lawyers & Corporate Counselors


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A New Approach to delivering the help you need.

We’re revolutionizing the way to receive Legal Services.

Affordability, Accessibility & Legal Ingenuity Meet The Road.

The Renovation

After 26 years of practicing law in Karachi, I was driven to create the first Mobile Law Chamber in Karachi, focusing on Consumer Protection, Bankruptcy, Asset Protection, Wills & Trusts including other essential areas of law.

This drive stems from the fact that most people equate the term lawyer or legal assistance with Expensive Hourly/Fixed Fees & Costs.

The unpredictability of total cost & outcome; Intimidation & Confusion about the legal issues, processes; stress, anxiety of litigation & the impersonal and/or unprofessional treatment with past legal issues.

Our Website – https://karachilawyers.org/