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New Lal Shahbaz Traders – Khajoor Market, Khairpur Mir’s

Dates Traders

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  • NLST is one of the largest companies in Pakistan for producing varieties of dates and other dry fruits. We are a firm that concentrate on these fruits specifically in order to deliver them to people who love eating them and who are aware of healthy benefits of dates.
  • We have our own farms to produce many of the world famous varieties of dates and dry fruits. We have our own factory to process and produce the finest quality of dates and other fruits.
  • We have a large branch networks for distribution in all major cities of Pakistan. We also export our products to various other countries.
  • Our goal is to make our farm an exemplar of sustainable and regenerative agriculture, an egalitarian and stimulating work environment and a profitable, remote business. And of course, to sell the very, very best dates and dry fruits.

Feel free to contact us or send an online inquiry through this page and we will share all the details of variety of dates and price.