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New Shaheen Solar Company – Hall Road, Lahore

We Convert Sunlight into Electricity

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  • New Shaheen Solar Company is located on main Hall Road, Lahore. We deal in solar PV modules, charge controller, dry deep cycle batteries, invertors, street lights, DC LEDs, DC Fans, DC Pump, Flood Lights and all types DC Solar Products.
  • We provide free consultancy to find the best solution to meet your energy needs utilizing solar energy. You can convert your existing UPS on solar power to save on your electricity bill. If you have a good space available to install solar panels, we can help you to run your refrigerator, TV, fans etc. on solar power on regular basis even if the electric supply is available in the circuit. One time installation cost will save on your electric bill for 25 to 30 years which is the normal life of the solar panels.
  • Consider lighting up your office or any other business place with solar power. Convert your tube-well on solar panels and enjoy the reduction of cost of production of your crop.
  • Just call us to discuss a large number of options to take advantage of the solar energy.
Send us an online inquiry through this page and we will give you response at the earliest.