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Paper Bag’s & Zip Pouch – Flexible Packaging


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Flexible Packaging is one of the leading importers and stockists of kraft stand-up pouches.

Stand-up Pouch makers in Karachi
Stand-up Pouch Makers in Karachi

Keeping in view the supply and demand situation of the market, we have various sizes with different capacities according to our customer’s requirements.

Our packaging has an excellent moisture barrier that keeps your food fresh.

Our packaging is highly suitable for dried items like Dry Fruits, Salt, Tea, Spices, organic products, herbs, and candies.

What makes us different from others?

  1. We have a wide range of Kraft standup pouches with different volumes.
  2. Available in both colors i.e. white and brown
  3. Ready to ship stock Inventory
  4. Eco-friendly Packaging we deliver the highest quality reusable
  5. Resealable, Recycled material stand-up pouches
  6. Convenient Online Ordering.