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Azeeshoes: Peshawari Chappal Maker

Leather shoes and chappals

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Peshawari Chappal Maker in Mianwali

Azeeshoes is a Peshawari chappal maker that is a special brand of shoes. It is part of the Zahiriyya Group of Businesses in District Mianwali, Isakhel. We make all kinds of leather shoes and Peshawari chappals and sell them in stores or in large amounts.

Azeeshoes crafts the best Peshawari Chappals that are super comfy and well-made. We pay close attention to how they look and how well they’re made.

Moreover, people trust us to make great shoes. We’ve been doing it for over five years. We always strive to exceed expectations.

Furthermore, our shoes are comfy, stylish, and durable. We started making shoes because we love creating high-quality products.

Every shoe we create is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. They pay close attention to every detail to ensure perfection. They love what they do, and the quality of the shoes they produce reflects their love