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Safa Fitness Club – Jinnah Super, F7 Markaz, Islamabad


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Fitness and good health are very important in this era to maintain a happy lifestyle at a time when there are numerous different kinds of diseases present in the community.

Now to fulfill this you need exercise and training regularly that will keep you fit and healthy which helps in a happy lifestyle.

For that, you need to join a gym to keep yourself in good shape and healthy by removing unwanted fats over time.

There are lots of best Islamabad gyms with lots of facilities and if you are looking for the best Islamabad gym in the city.

So let’s make it simple Safa Fitness Club is the only gym in Islamabad of its kind, with variety in their work and the best fitness clubs and gyms near you in Islamabad.

Safa Fitness Club is among one of the best fitness clubs & gyms near you in Islamabad.

We have been delivering our services for over 8 years.

Club Fitness has been dedicated to the fulfillment of each body we serve.

We are modern and forward-thinking, continuously adapting to the evolving fitness and health desires of our members.

This is the gym that makes fitness accessible to everybody.

We promise to help people from all walks of life achieve their individual health and fitness goals no matter their shape, size, age, experience level, schedule, or budget.

Safa Fitness Club has the following facilities:

  • Gym Services
  • Spa Services
  • Hijama Center
  • Sauna Center
  • Swimming Pool