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Beacon Energy Limited: Solar Company in Islamabad


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Solar Company in Islamabad

Beacon Energy Limited (BEL) is a solar company in Islamabad. It helps people and businesses with solar energy. They ensure their customers get the best energy solutions. Because they have been doing this for a long time and have a lot of experience.

Moreover, BEL cares about the environment, so they focus on using clean energy like solar power. They believe everyone should have access to affordable energy, especially those who need it most. Their goal is to make the world cleaner and fairer for everyone.

Residential Solutions:

BEL offers different solar solutions for homes to save money on electricity bills.

Industrial & Commercial Solutions:

Furthermore, they also provide special solar solutions for businesses to save money and help the environment too.


BEL can assist people in getting loans from banks to pay for solar panels. They make it easy for people to apply and get the money they need.

Net Metering:

With net metering, if you have extra solar power, you can sell it back to the energy company. This helps save money and makes energy more sustainable for everyone in the community.