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Ronikal Energy: Solar Company in Karachi


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Solar Company in Karachi

Ronikal Energy is a solar company in Karachi. It helps in making clean energy in Pakistan. We started in 2016, and our main office is in Karachi, Pakistan. Additionally, we know a lot about making alternative energy, particularly solar power. We have special labs where we study and make new things. Moreover, we work in many cities and villages across Pakistan.

Ronikal Energy, the solar company in Karachi, believes in working hard and making sure our customers are happy and safe. Therefore, we want to give them the best technology to use. Additionally, our team is very smart and knows everything about solar power. Consequently, we help our customers save money and grow their businesses by using the sun’s power.

Furthermore, we are ready to face any challenges in making more clean energy. With a strong team and the ability to help anywhere in the world, we are well-prepared for whatever comes our way.

Our services:

  • On-grid solar solution
  • Off-grid / hybrid solar installation
  • Solar water pump solution
  • Wind & hydropower solution
  • Portable solar kit
  • Energy audit consultancy
  • Net metering
  • Solar street & garden light solutions
  • Solar maintenance

Our products:

  • Solar panel
  • Portable solar generators & DC kits
  • Solar inverters
  • Smart water geysers
  • Solar batteries
  • EV vehicle (EV) charger
  • Solar water pumps
  • Patio heaters
  • Solar street & garden lights
  • Solar roof mountings
  • Solar system accessories