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Solar World: Solar Company in Karachi


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Solar World Pakistan started in 2014. It is a Solar Company in Karachi. They aim to give top-quality, affordable, and reliable solar solutions. Additionally, they handle everything from design and supply to installation and support.

Solar Company in Karachi

Experience and Achievements:

With over eight years of experience, Solar World Pakistan has completed many projects for homes, businesses, and farms. Moreover, they have done work in many megawatts and have many big sites all over Pakistan.

Partnerships and Accreditations:

Solar World is a distributor for TESLA INDUSTRIES, a top solar product company in Pakistan. Furthermore, they are approved by NEPRA, AEDB, and other companies, making it easy to get Net-Metering Licenses for their customers.

Product and Service Offerings:

Solar World Pakistan offers different solar systems for homes, businesses, and farms. Their systems are high-performing and reliable, with good customer reviews. They install On-Grid, Off-Grid, Hybrid, and Water Pumping Systems, with packages from 1 KW to 1 MW. In addition, they also provide warranties and support after installation.

Customer Support:

A dedicated team works six days a week to make sure customers get the best solar energy benefits. Our Solar Company in Karachi helps customers from start to finish in their switch to solar energy.

Solar Solutions Offered:

On-Grid Solar Solution:

  • Connects to the power grid.
  • Needs a special meter to measure power both ways.
  • Check with local power companies for options.

Net/Reverse Metering:

  • Connects to the electric company’s meter.
  • Stores extra solar power in the meter for future use.

Off-Grid System:

  • Not connected to the power grid.
  • Uses batteries to store solar power as a backup.
  • Turns sunlight into electrical power.

Hybrid Solar Solution:

  • Works like an On-Grid system but with batteries to store power.
  • Acts as backup power during blackouts, like a UPS system.


The Solar Company in Karachi i.e. Solar World Pakistan wants to make sure customers are happy with their solar panels and systems. They support customers every step of the way, from switching to solar energy to ongoing use.