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Acquisitions LLC is a management services company based in North America that specializes in the purchase of Lifestyle Assets around the world.

Acquisitions LLC was founded out of a powerful desire to provide tenacious advising and management services in connection with Lifestyle Investment to the wealthy and privileged.

We offer the comprehensive and all-encompassing support you require for the following:

  • maintaining and management of a lavish lifestyle
  • acquisition of luxury assets
  • real estate investments around the world
  • obtaining a second citizenship or lifetime residency
  • creating a strong business strategy
  • starting or running an automated business
  • and more

We continuously deliver expert advice and superior services that are customized for each client's unique requirements.

We put up constant effort to maintain our reputation for dependability, excellence, and trustworthiness so that our respected clients would have enough faith in us to give us their money, time, and attention.

One of our continuing goals is to maintain business lifespan, expansion, and market competitiveness.

Investment-Based Citizenship Programs

The process of awarding citizenship status to an individual (and their immediate family) in exchange for a specific and measurable investment in the nation is known as citizenship by investment, also known as economic citizenship.

Most of these initiatives are designed to ensure that the investment supports the welfare, advancement, and economic growth of the nation that they wish to live in or to which they belong.

To enjoy the crucial freedom of being able to travel, work, and invest in the majority of nations throughout the world without becoming a victim of the always-changing political and economic situations, it is frequently more about making an economic contribution than just an investment.

Citizenship by Investment Programs provides exciting chances for foreign investors to become citizens of the host countries, which enjoy the financial and social benefits of the country.

In addition to favorable tax deductions, light travel restrictions, and more opportunities for the investor's family to live, work, and study in the country, foreign investors also gain significantly from growing their investment portfolio in other regions.

Residency Programs

Alternative residency programs allow an investor or entrepreneur who wants to legally live in a particular country through a more passive form of investment.

The investment could be in the form of the following:

  • buying real estate
  • contributing to a refundable government bond
  • incorporating a business in the host country
  • etc.

Such programs give participants and their families unlimited access to high-quality healthcare and education, as well as global business opportunities and a well-thought-out after-retirement plan.


Become an owner of a fully automated Done-For-You Business.

We at Acquisitions support and encourage entrepreneurship and the growth of new businesses.

We make every effort to give you fully integrated, current, and sector-focused advice regarding launching and running your business in the USA.

We have a skilled team of strategists and business experts on hand to ensure you receive all the necessary management, training, and advice for starting and growing a business in the USA.

Establishing a company in a foreign country or region is typically a difficult undertaking for new business owners, especially if they do not have the necessary knowledge and experience in the industry.

We provide our exclusive "6D Entrepreneurship" model of business automation to produce and manage your business on your behalf as the solution to this challenge.

We always stay available providing you with a 100% hands-off, fully functional, and done-for-you company management service. The entire responsibility for growing and expanding your business falls on our shoulders while you can focus on other things.

Once your company is successfully launched, we use our data-driven and fact-corroborated plans and strategies to ensure that it grows and prospers.

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