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Address: Watta Khel Chowk, PAF Road, Mianwali


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Azam Qamar Developers was founded with the vision of transforming the lives of the people of Mianwali and the surrounding region.

The idea behind establishing this organization is to address the problems of quality of life, mainly housing, employment, security, health care, and education in the Mianwali District.

We are committed to introducing new standards in the real estate industry.

With our pioneer project ‘AGHAAZ’ which literally means ‘to start’, we are proud to be starting a new destination in Mianwali that easily matches the standards of urban lifestyle anywhere in the world.

AGHAAZ is the beginning of an iconic world in Mianwali bearing all basic obligations which range from mosques, schools, hospitals, & parks to the lifestyle luxuries like shopping malls, restaurants, gymnasiums, and sports complexes & community centers.

It’s a place where people will need not to commute long distances to live, eat, shop & unwind. It’s not just a housing project but a hot spot for commercial and residential activities that will also help in creating thousands of job opportunities for the local community.

Gated community, infrastructure/planning, affordable prices, and installment plans, approved by concerned authorities, amenities, and facilities.

Don’t wait for the right time to invest in a housing project, the right time is now.

Open Hours: Mon-Sat, 10:00 a.m. – 06:00 p.m.

Our Website - https://aqdevelopers. com/


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