Akhter Solar – Aurangzeb Road, E7, Islamabad

PHONE: +92 51 2656651, +92 51 2818156
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Akhtar Solar

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Address: House No. 310, Aurangzeb Road, E-7, Islamabad


Email: [email protected]

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Akhter Solar is located on Aurangzeb Road, E7, Islamabad. We are the manufacturer of PV & CPV solar panels having our manufacturing facility in Hatter Industrial Estate, Haripur, Pakistan.

Our Products

  • On-Grid Inverters
  • Off-Grid Inverters
  • Hybrid Inverters
  • Water Pumping Inverters
  • Poly crystalline Panels with 25 years warranty
  • Monocrystalline Panels with 25 years warranty
  • Dry Batteries
  • Charge Controllers
  • Dc Systems
  • VFD Inverters


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