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Address: Al Hamd Tower, Ferozepur Road, Mozang Chungi, Lahore


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  • Al Hamd Fiberglass Traders and Al Hamd Fibertech Services are sister companies owned and run by the same management. We are manufacturer and trader of a wide range of fiberglass products.
  • “AL-HAMD FIBERTECH SERVICES” is a plastics engineering and marketing company providing raw material to industries like Chemical, Metal Finishing, Textile, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverages, Refineries, Fertilizer and Power Generation. We have the capacity and capability of custom manufacturing of a wide range of fiberglass products to meet the needs of our clients in all industries.
  • For industrial sector, we manufacture products like fume hoods, scrubbers, machine covers, blowers, laboratory tops and shelves, high voltage insulation and switch gear housing, water containers, cooling towers and fans, luggage carrier, bumpers, triangular panels, roof panels, motor covers, ducts, trolleys, garbage containers, bath tabs, aero-planes, electrical safety ladders, monkey ladders, covers of electrical lights, stacks, effluent channels, pits, fan blades and butterfly valves. We provide strong and durable lining with highly chemical polyester resin protects steel and concrete from corrosive attack.
  • For commercial sector, we manufacture partitions, screens, skylights translucent sheet, furniture, lampshades, swimming polls, parks, human & animals body statues, helmet and windshields, pots & green houses for plants, outer walls & roof panels, and more.
  • We also provide services to custom fabricate storage tanks and reaction vessels in various vertical, horizontal rectangular and spherical configuration with flat, dish or conical top and bottoms.
  • The products always available in our stock are all pipeline fittings including bends, elbows, tees, flanges, valves, flow meters, and other different related items are readily available.
  • A wide variety of imported PVC, uPVC, cPVC and Polypropylene (PPRC) pressure pipe fittings are available for use in cold and hot water for housing, commercial and industrial sector.
We will manufacture any fiberglass item you can imagine. Just call us or send an online inquiry through this page and we will provide free consultancy to find the most appropriate solution to meet your requirements.
Second Branch
Address : 248, Multan Road, Kharak Stop, Lahore. Phone : +92 42 37845505, +92 301 4055202


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