Ali Akbar Group of Pakistan

PHONE: +92 42 111 224 111, +92 42 35321461, +92 42 35321324
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Address: 1KM Bhobtian Chowk, Ali Akbar Road, Off Raiwand Road, Lahore


Email: [email protected]

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Ali Akbar Group is a conglomerate operating in diverse industries including agriculture, energy, and textile sectors.

Initially, the core business of the company was manufacturing and marketing of agrochemicals. Today, Ali Akbar Group is a leading crop protection company in Pakistan and comprises of a diversified group of companies listed below:

  • Pak China Chemicals
  • Ali Akbar Seeds
  • Ali Akbar Enterprises
  • Dadajee Corporation
  • Target Agri Centres
  • Pak China Polymers


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