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Address: Lahore, Lahore


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Artables is Pakistan’s first Online Concept Furniture Stores in Pakistan

We are now bringing you the following two uniquely designed product lines:

Concept Furniture

  • Presenting you a wide range of elegant furniture designed based on your interests that will help add a breath of fresh air to your existing home décor. It will give a long-lasting impression of class and grace to whoever walks into your house.

Theme-Based Souvenirs

  • Offering an array of daily-use and practical souvenirs. Our in-house artists have designed by manually illustrating the architectural landscapes of your favorite cities. Our purpose is to give you a feeling of home that we call Pakistan.

Artables is a subsidiary of a reputed business group known as Zia Associates which has an experience of 30 years. Relics and Rarities is one of our already established online ventures that deals with antiques and artifacts it was started as a micro-enterprise based on the collector u2019s hobbies.

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