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Address: Aseel Dates GNS Factory – National Highway Therhi, Khairpur



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Aseel Dates Pakistan is in strategic partnership with GNS Pakistan; the leading global dates supplier.

We supply dates in the international market at the lowest price being the leading supplier and exporter of fresh and dried dates in Pakistan.

We process Aseel Dates to produce the following main products in various grades:

  • Aseel Pitted Dates
  • Aseel Pitted Block Dates
  • Aseel Organic Dates
  • Aseel Dry Dates
  • Aseel Chopped Dates
  • Aseel Diced Dates
  • Aseel Date Paste
  • Aseel Date Powder
  • Aseel Date Syrup

Buy the best quality Pakistani dates (Khajoor), dry and fresh, pitted, diced, paste, powder, and other related products directly from the processor in Pakistan.

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