Automatic Peanut Almond Nuts Roasting Machine

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Almond Nuts Roasting Machine

The major components of this machine include feeding device, speed regulating motor, drive mechanism, circulating fan, electric cabinet, and other parts.

The blow rate and temperature can be set to best suit the nature of the material to be processed to achieve the best roasting effects.


Widely used in food, electronics, chemical industry, etc. for products such as peanuts, cashews, walnuts, pistachio, almond, broad bean, and other granular nuts and materials.

Advantage of Nuts Drying Machine

  • Roasted products heated evenly, internal and external temperature difference is small, no deformation, no change in color;

  • Baking speed automatic frequency control of motor speed control, high efficiency; Double temperature control heating, less energy waste, save energy;

  • It can be used with a production line of attachment, feed on the other side of the material. The synchronous control and reduce the incidence of adverse

  • It can set temperature control (0-300) and high elasticity.

  • Forced circulation wind device.

  • Adopt a step-less temperature control system, stable and reliable product quality, and many other advantages.

  • The small volume thus saving of space and cost.



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