D-Type Hydraulic Road Blocker

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Road Blocker and all its components are Made In Pakistan and we are proud to say that they are manufactured in our own manufacturing unit.

D-Type Hydraulic Road Blockers give a high level of security against not permitted vehicle access, our company design this especially for entrance points that have a threat of vehicle attack or for the ones that have high-security procedures.

D-Type Hydraulic Road Blockers are commonly used in checkpoints, prisons, airports, government agencies, embassies, military base stations, banks, industrial and corporate sectors, ports, parking lots, and as per consumer requirements.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Dimensions                        3 x12 x 3ft

  • Starting Height                 750mm

  • Power                                   K-4, K-8, K-12 rated

  • Transformer                       110-120VAC, 50-60 Hz, or 220-240VAC, 50 Hz (optional)

  • Solid                                     Mild Steel Electrostatic powder coated

  • Temperature                     -10 to +55°C

  • Humidity                            95% Max.

  • Controlling Unit                Micro Controller

  • Mode                                    Manual and Automatic

  • Colors                                   Color design according to customer’s request

Electrical Specifications

  • Electric Power                   Stabilized 220VAC, 5A, 1 phase

  • Frequency HZ                   50-60 Hz

  • Voltages                              24VDC

  • Solenoid                              24 VDC, 2A each

  • No. of Solenoid                 2

  • Controlling Unit               Micro Controller

  • Controller                           Made in Taiwan

  • Limit Switches                  15A / 250V AC, Brand: C-Lin

  • Relays                                 24V DC / 220V AC (8 pins or 11 pins configuration) Brand: C-Lin

  • Relay Base                         Standard 8pins or 11 pins, Brand: C-Lin

  • Power Adapter                  Standard Power Adapter 24V DC Output

Hydraulic Specifications

  • Motor:  3-Phase Induction motor

  • Hydraulic Pump: Speed: Rated 1800 RPM, Max 3000 RPM Min 400 RPM

  • Gear Type: Work Pressure: 100 bars

  • Pump: Single Gear Pump Pemex = 250 bar (3500 psi), Rated Speed: 1800 rate per minute

  • Modular Relief Valves: Model: MRV-03 Pemex: 4500 psi Mac flow: 21.13 gpm, Functioning Temp: 12-70 C0

  • Modular Check Valves: Pemex = 3625 psi, Operating Temperature: 15-70 C0

  • Solenoid Operated  Valve: DEKEMA DGG-01-3660N-50


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