Araamco – Foam Mattress Manufacturer in Lahore

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Address: Al-Khair House, 43-T Gurumangat Road, Block T Gulberg II, Lahore



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Aramco, a leading company specializing in foam mattresses, is dedicated to delivering the utmost sleep comfort. Their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation shines through in their premium collection of foam mattresses designed to elevate your sleep experience. Explore a carefully curated range of mattresses, each meticulously engineered to offer exceptional support, pressure relief, and long-lasting durability.

Araamco lives up to its name, promoting peaceful sleep and relaxation. Since 1980, Al-Khair Group, a renowned name in the bedding, furniture, and healthcare industry, has been providing high-quality products that guarantee customer satisfaction. Our dedicated Research and development team continually collaborates in the quest for innovation in foam formulations, making Al-Khair Group a trusted name in the foam industry.

Over the years, we have introduced several subsidiaries in the foam industry that have brought comfort and smiles to our customers' faces. This positive feedback encourages us to explore and test new products for our customers. Our ongoing mission is to simplify people's lives, offering them comfortable sleep and a healthy daily routine.

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