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Address: Office No. 26-28, Business City Plaza, Bosan Road, Multan



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Mux Tech is an emerging GPS Car Tracker Company in Pakistan.

We are delivering the best Car Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions in Pakistan.

Whether you have a Car or a Bike, all you need is a GPS Tracker. You can monitor the vehicle from anywhere in Pakistan via wireless technology.

With the Best Car Security System, you can secure your assets without worrying about car theft or disappearance by getting 24/7 support.

Our major tracking solutions include Cars, Vans, Rickshaws, Buses, Taxis, Coasters, APVs, Jeeps, Pickups, Loaders, Cabs, Trucks, and Rental Fleets. We provide cutting-edge software solutions, smartphone apps, technical assistance, and call center support to monitor any vehicle from anywhere.

Our products include car trackers, bike trackers, and personnel trackers.

Our services include Fleet Management, a Free Tracking App, Cold Chain Monitoring, Driver Behavior Monitoring, and Fuel Monitoring.

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