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Heco Pumps & Geysers is a company that manufactures and supplies industrial pumps & geysers for a wide range of applications.

Heco pumps are used in industries such as oil and gas, water treatment, chemical processing, and power generation.

Heco Pumps are known for high-quality products and reliable customer service. We have a strong reputation in the industry for delivering efficient and cost-effective pumping solutions.

We are a dedicated team of engineers at UMAR FAROOQ INDUSTRIES to produce quality pumps & geysers for the last 6 decades. Our goal is to accomplish the production in the smoothest, most sophisticated, and most economical way. So, that our customer could benefit from our series of products for a longer life.

Salient Features of Heco Pumps & Geysers:

  • Low Electricity Consumption.
  • Complete Range Availability both for Heco Pumps & Geysers.
  • Customized RPM & HP can also be manufactured.
  • Solid Parts & Service Warranty.
  • Distribution Network across the country.
  • After-sales customer support

HECO Centrifugal Electric Pumps and Deep Well Pumps single stage on a horizontal axis is suitable for general household, commercial building, and industrial use because their CASING is made with the finest-grained cast iron. Heco Pumps are thoroughly balanced to minimize vibration. SHAFT of high tensile steel with stainless steel sleeve.

Our Website - https://hecopump.com/


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