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PHONE: +92 301 8486308, +92 301 8402312, +92 301 8460023
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Address: 18-km, Multan Road, Lahore


Email: kanenergy2007@gmail.com

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KAN Energy has been a trusted supplier of diesel generators and all other types of generators for almost 17 years.

We are a reliable platform for all the industrial, commercial and residential customers all across Pakistan.

With our high-quality generators, we are the leading generator supplier in Pakistan.

We have a diverse, efficient, and complete range of diesel generators and other generators.

Our certified and trained staff offers the highest quality of service for all-electric generators, gas generators, and diesel generators.

KAN Energy serves on-grid and off-grid power requirements for all industries including the construction, telecom, rail, oil, and gas industries of Pakistan.

We also provide generator repair and spare part support for all types of generators.

We provide solutions for large-scale engineering companies with our competent and efficient team backed up by a wide range of generators of all kinds.

Our Website - https://kanenergy.com/


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