Karmawala Enterprise – Abul Hassan Isphahani Road, Karachi

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Rock Salt
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Address: D-15, PRECHS, Abul Hassan Isphahani Road, Karachi


Email: shahid@salt.com.pk

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Himalayum Salt Exporters bring this natural treasure from the mines to your table. It is the best salt as compared to sea salt. Its additional iodine keeps your health maintained. Its crystal and white grains show its purity and prove it as an international brand.

Our Products List
  • Large Grain RM01
  • Fine Grain RS02
  • Medium Grain RC03
  • Large Grain RM05
  • Large Grain RM05
  • Fine Grain RS06
  • Medium Grain RC07
  • Table Salt
  • Rock Salt Lumps
  • Sea Salt Powder
  • White Rock Salt Powder
  • Pink Rock Salt Powder
  • Black Rock Salt
  • Raw or Coarse Salt
Our Website - http://www.salt.com.pk/

By refining process, we get Table Salt. Sea Salt or Lake Salt are washed in water, mesh, dry in the dryer and get required size of table salt. The purity of salt is 98.9%. This is the best edible salt. Available in 25 and 50 kg pp bags pal Read more


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