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KOSHISH CLINIC is an ideally located facility for comprehensive treatment of Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Psychological illnesses, and other behavioral issues.

Rehabilitation is “to restore to a former, fully functional capacity”. It simply means to bring back a person, who has been involved in self-destructive behaviors, under influence of drugs or other addictive patterns of behavior or psychiatric pathology to its fullest and best possible physical, psychological, social, and spiritual functioning.

This is achieved with the help of the process of Intervention (Introduced by Vernon Johnson in the 1980s).

Additional help is secured by individual psychological assessment and psychotherapy as needed.

These procedures help in building the motivation of the affected person. The guilt and shame are removed that are associated with the disease. It is achieved by controlling cravings for addictive behaviors and smoking.

Our treatment plan is individual and group-based. Group therapy is recognized as the best tool to bring a change in addiction patients. Individual attention is given to each patient considering his personality, emotional needs, and psychological status. It is being supervised by an experienced Psychiatrist and a senior Clinical Psychologist who have vast experience in treating addictions and psychological problems.

KOSHISH treatment plan deals with both the medical and psychological problems brought about by drug and alcohol use. Their goal is to help the addict and alcoholic both mentally and physically to become a sober and sane person capable of dealing with life’s many and varied challenges. The end result is a success rate that is 3 to 4 times higher than that of other programs. This unique program also addresses the three main causes of relapse after treatment; physical cravings, lingering depression, and/or guilt from past misconduct connected to drug and alcohol addiction.

Along with the treatment of the patient, sessions are conducted with the family and a thorough assessment is made of their lifestyles. Certain behaviors are looked for which family has been doing in their own attempt to curtail the addiction but which in fact has been fuelling the disease of addiction. These behaviors are called enablers. Any family must stop the enabling and provoking behaviors if they want the long-term recovery of their loved one.

Interpersonal communication behaviors are observed within the family and good and healthy communication is ensured which facilitates more close bonding within all family members. Family is emotionally strengthened and they are trained in ways to manage everyday problems in a healthier way. Once they learn to manage the crisis created by the patient when he goes back home, they are in much better shape to ensure a long-term recovery in a close-knit environment where every family member comes to understand disease and treatment management and develops better bonding within the family. This brings everyone closer and enhances the quality of life far more than what they have been experiencing before.

The crux of the feedback we have received from the patients after being treated at the Koshish CLinic is given below:

Koshish has been the best Psychologists I have ever seen & I will NEVER forget what Koshish has done for me in rehabilitation !!!

You are an amazing man!

Thank you for everything!

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