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Address: 84-Y 2nd Floor, Y Commercial Area, DHA Phase 3, Lahore


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Lumino Screens is a projection screen manufacturer committed to providing high degrees of quality and product availability at a highly accommodating price point.

Lumino Screens is a leading brand that specializes in offering top-quality projector screens for modern entertainment and work environments.

Our screens provide high resolution and exceptional visual clarity, making them perfect for home theater, gaming, office, and conference solutions.

With Lumino Screens, you can elevate your viewing experience and enjoy stunning visuals that enhance your entertainment and work productivity.

With our patented technology, we offer our clients brighter screens, brighter colors, better contrast ratio, better ALR- ambient light rejection, and no faded image on the screen.

All our screens are uniquely designed. We put our customers' needs, desires, and abilities at the center of the development process.

Our new Visible-Light Spectrum Control Technology solves the interference of ambient light on the display surface and restores the brilliant visual performance of the display screen. This allows projector screens to perform well in light environments just as they would in the dark.

With our modern, minimalistic design screens, you can turn any area—indoors or out, at home or in a business—into a brilliant entertainment zone.

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