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Address: 996 Street No. 66, G9/4, Isalmabad


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We have foreign-qualified clinical & counseling psychologists, BPS, UK (British Psychological Society, United Kingdom) qualified motivational interviewers, and other consultant psychologists.

We help you to understand your area of difficulty and offer effective approaches such as CBT or psychodynamic therapy to help you reach your treatment goal.

CBT has been proven to be effective for depression and the full range of anxiety disorders whereas psychodynamic therapy can help with long-standing issues such as addictions and borderline personality disorder.

The lead psychologist we have; is associated with the American Society of Counseling Psychology as well as the Pakistan Psychological Association.

Hence, you will get expert help and advice from a therapist who has years of experience working with the difficulty that you are experiencing.

We also provide you the facility of referral to a top-class Psychiatrist who can discuss medication with you, if necessary.

At our clinic, we are soon going to have some very latest research-proven approaches such as Mindfulness and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR).

People often have treatment at our clinic for everyday issues such as stress, anger, and relationship problems while other people require help with more severe psychological difficulties.

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