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Noor Water Tank Cleaning Service in Karachi is a trusted service that will meet your expectations. We have been providing the best Water Tank Cleaning Service in Karachi since 2010.

While you can’t control the quality of water being supplied through the pipeline, you can certainly minimize the risk by denying bacteria a breeding space in your water Tank. Choosing the right water tank cleaning services is of prime importance when it comes to keeping a bacteria-free environment for your water tanks.

While there are other companies offering water tank cleaning services in the city, Noor Tank Cleaning Service in Karachi brings an entirely new dimension to the service of offering a completely certified cleaning and chlorination service that is delivered by trained and qualified technicians.

Our fully skilled heating engineers and plumbers use the highest quality cleaning products which are deadly for bacteria and completely safe for you and your family.

When you choose Noor Tank Cleaning Services, you can be sure of getting the highest standard water tank cleaning service that won’t overdose your water tanks with dangerous chemicals, airlocks, or potential leaks. You can simply continue with your daily routine while our expert technicians carry out cleaning services in all sorts of water tanks.

At Noor Tank Cleaning Services, we bring cutting-edge technology to ensure environmentally friendly and completely reliable water tank cleaning & disinfection services in Karachi. While we have multiple treatment methods, the Silver Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide water treatment remains one of the best and most trusted water tank cleaning services and treatment techniques in the global market. We are one of the very few companies in Karachi, Pakistan, offering certified water treatment with cutting-edge Silver Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide water treatment to homeowners.

We cover almost all areas of Karachi and ensure water tank cleaning in Karachi, areas including DHA Karachi, Clifton Karachi, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Complete Karachi East, and Karachi Central Region.

We believe in better service and customer satisfaction by adopting the best water treatment method that meets International Standards.

We welcome our valued customer’s feedback and suggestions.

We analyze and try new techniques and methods to resolve emerging problems with a profound professional vision.

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