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Address: Plot No. 5, Block P, Phase 2, Johar Town, Lahore


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Interested in taking your business to better heights? Use our innovation and creativity to better your business management with market-leading software solutions and applications.

Our software is developed, tested, and deployed and is being used by many businesses around the globe. Your business matters to us.

Soft Steer is a technology company founded in 2016. Catering to all types of businesses and providing software solutions and products around the world.

Soft Steer strives to integrate tech-based solutions through modern-day life. Enhancing customers and business owners alike, while bringing professionalism and experience throughout. With services of Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, Web Development and so much more, we can strengthen any business while striving for success.

Our company deals in managed services, approaches, and BPO among many other solutions. Tackling each task at hand and with a devotion that runs through each specialized department. With our “We Can and We Will” attitude, we get the best results any business can ask for.

Soft Steer is based on the idea that any business can fulfill its goals without compromising on quality. With our expanding company, we ensure that each implementation is met with 100% unique and standard results, that are reliable and fully tailored to approach all individual businesses. Our options have the cutting-edge technology you need to garner big results and change your business strategy.

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