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Address: 4/F, Building No. 11, Fuan Robotics Industrial Park, Fuyong, Baoan District, Shenzhen, 518103, Guangdong, China


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Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd (previously named Guangzhou Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd.) is a high-tech company specializing in voice technology research, audio product design & control and other software & hardware design.

Business scope relates to telephone recording, automotive electronics, multimedia, home security, communications, household appliances, medical equipment, industrial automation control, toys, interactive consumer products, and other fields.

Our company is an excellent voice chip manufacturer, engaged in voice chip research and peripheral circuit development. At the same time, we provide voice product development plans for the customers with special needs, carry out the plans effectively, and complete product development, testing, sound processing, practical application guidance, and other services.

After many years of development, our company has formed a completely new process system. Not only these, but we also introduced many types of voice modules, such as WT588D voice module, after the peripheral circuit extended, closer to the customer needs.

Our company is also an MP3 manufacturer. So far we have upgraded eight MP3 solutions (increasing), widely recognized by the market.

At present, our products are divided into four categories, as shown below:

  1. Chip Series: Mainly include OTP series, plug-in series, MP3 series, module series.
  2. Finished Products: Mainly include voice announcer, security products, customized products.
  3. Smart Products: Mainly include Bluetooth module, iTimer socket, thermostat socket, WIFI products, intelligent product solutions, WT2800/ 2600 intelligent modules, etc.
  4. Others: Semi-finished products, products for gifts or greeting cards, accessories, programmer and testing jig.


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