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PHONE: +92 314 6865271, +92 300 7413639, +92 300 2155956, +92 334 5145145
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Address: Murree Road, Tajir Colony, 17 Mile, Islamabad


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Best addiction treatment center in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad.

Drug abuse is on the rise and we have to fight back by providing quality drug treatment services to the citizens of Pakistan.

Willing Ways Pakistan is the most exclusive addiction treatment center in Pakistan. We are the pioneer and trusted leader in addiction treatment with an outstanding history of 43 years.

Our services include the rehabilitation center facility, counseling services, psychiatrist services, and psychiatrist crisis management.

Today, Willing Ways continues to provide world-class addiction care and education that meets the needs of addicts and their families. We publish educational materials on every aspect of addiction care in Urdu and English.

Our Website - https://willingways.org/

Address & Contacts:

  • 71-A Jail Road Lahore, Pakistan, (Executive PR Mohsin Nawaz: 0300 7413639, +92 42 35408421, +92 42 35408416)
  • C-159 Block 2 Clifton Karachi, Pakistan, (Director Wakeel Murad: 0300 2155956)
  • Murree Rd Tajir Colony, 17 Mile, Islamabad, Pakistan, (Director Talal Zubair: 0334 5145145)


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