Zafa Pharmaceutical Laboratories – Block 22, FB Industrial Area, Karachi

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Address: L-1/B, Block-22 FB Industrial Area, Karachi


Email: [email protected]

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  • ZAFA Pharmaceutical Laboratories (Private) Limited was founded in 1973, by its present Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr. Muhammad Amin Khan. Our founder firmly believes in the theory of “MEDICINES FOR ALL“, which plays a key role in setting up the prices.
  • ZAFA is the 1st Pakistan based Multinational Pharmaceutical manufacturing concern with its own manufacturing facility based in Khartoum Sudan. In addition to this, we have a presence in various African, Middle Eastern and South American countries.
  • Our present product range includes above 300 products with another 30 in the pipeline, 13 of our products are leaders in Pakistan as per Unit Wise sales.
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