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LAPCON: Surgical Instrument Manufacturer in Pakistan


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LAPCON is a Surgical Instrument Manufacturer in Pakistan. We specialize in making customized Electrosurgical Products, Laparoscopic Products, Orthopedic Products, and all other kinds of Surgical & Diathermy instruments.

Our service covers a wide range of needs. We produce custom-made foot control pencils and specialize in electrodes for amateur teams. We also develop a complete range of merchandise for professional organizations. This includes customized logos, printed names, and numbers.

If you need us to manufacture any special item from Sialkot or customize an item with your logos, brand name, or size charts, please contact us. Don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always ready to serve you.

We are a trusted worldwide supplier & exporter of medical equipment. We have all types of Surgical, Medical & Dental Equipment, Electrosurgical equipment, and other Customized equipment.