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Surveying & Scientific Solutions


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Welcome to Surveying & Scientific Solutions

Mechanical Engineering Equipment Suppliers in Karachi
Mechanical Engineering Equipment Suppliers in Karachi

At Surveying & Scientific Solutions, we offer a wide range of tools and machines for measuring things and conducting surveys. Our inventory includes Total Stations for measuring far distances and GNSS RTK Receivers for finding exact locations. Additionally, we stock tools like Digital Levels and Laser Distance Meters.

Tools for Mechanical Engineering Projects

We provide a variety of tools suitable for mechanical engineering projects. Our selection encompasses tools for inspecting safety, testing materials, and measuring water quality.

Diverse Range of Tools

Moreover, our store boasts numerous tools for various tasks. We offer gauges for measuring surfaces, meters for checking gas levels, and cameras for inspecting objects. Whatever your needs, we likely have the tool for it!

Quality and Warranty

Rest assured, all our tools come from reputable brands and boast excellent quality. Additionally, they come with warranties, ensuring that any issues are promptly resolved.

We’re Here to Help

If you require tools for your project, simply reach out to us. We’re dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect tools for the job!

We have the following Quality Good Equipment to be used in Mechanical Engineering projects for your consideration to purchase

  1. Survey Instruments
  2. Industrial Safety & Inspection Equipment
  3. Non-Destructive Testing Equipment
  4. Material Testing & Measuring Equipment
  5. Water Testing Inspection & Monitoring Equipment
  6. Scientific & Research Equipment
  7. Analog Surface Profile Gauge
  8. Digital Surface Profile Gauge
  9. Digital Surface Roughness Tester
  10. Multi 4 in 1 Gas Detectors fitted with “FARNELL” (UK) Sensors
  11. Sound Level Meters
  12. Vibration Meters
  13. Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera
  14. Digital Outside Micrometer Gauge (Screw Gauge)
  15. Vernier Calipers
  16. Height Gauges
  17. Coating Thickness Gauge (DFT Meter)
  18. Digital Flaw Detector
  19. Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge (UT Meter)
  20. Welding Gauges
  21. Digital Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter
  22. Earth Resistance Meter (Earthing Meter)
  23. Digital Clamp Meter
  24. Master Box Level
  25. Digital Multimeter
  26. Rockwell Hardness Tester
  27. Digital Anemometer Wind speed meter
  28. WFT (Wet film thickness gauge)
  29. Infrared Laser Temperature Gun
  30. Laser Levels
  31. Digital Angle Gauge
  32. Digital Laser Tachometer (RPM Meter)
  33. Hydrostatic Hydraulic Manual Pressure Test pump for pipelines
  34. Digital Force Gauge
  35. Leeb/Metal Hardness Tester
  36. Holiday Detector
  37. Automatic Level
  38. Digital Display distance measuring wheel
  39. Torque Wrench
  40. Rebar Scanner
  41. Electronic Total Station
  42. Digital Thickness Gauge
  43. FPortable Welding Machines
  44. Ammonia Gas Detector
  45. Halogen Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector
  46. Air Quality Meter (Particular Counter)
  47. Nuclear Radiation Detector (Dosimeter) for detection of X-ray, Beta & Gamma rays
  48. Portable Carbon Dioxide Monitor
  49. Endoscope inspection camera
  50. Humidity & Temperature Meter
  51. Digital Lux Meter
  52. Digital Pressure Manometer