Farm Dynamics Pakistan (FDP) – Canal Bank, Johar Town, Lahore

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Modern Agricultural Machinery
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Address: 7-J1, Main Canal Bank, Johar Town, Lahore


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Farm Dynamics Pakistan (FDP) is located on Canal Bank, Johar Town, Lahore. We are committed to promote modern agricultural machinery for strengthening of agricultural sector of Pakistan. We have proactively introduced latest Integrated Crop Management (ICM) Technologies, Advance Mechanization Equipment & Machinery and top quality Inputs.

Integrated Crop Management

We deal following ICM machinery & equipment:
  • Pumping Solutions
  • Automated Pest Monitoring
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring System
  • On-farm Climate & Weather Monitoring System
  • Sub-surface Monitoring – Enviroscan
  • Surface & Sub-surface Drip Irrigation System
  • Overhead Travelling Central Pivot Irrigation


We deal following Advance Mechanization Equipment & Machinery:
  • Pruning Machines
  • Silage Baler, Wrapper & Hay Making Machinery
  • High Horse Power John Deer Tractors
  • Mechanized Sugarcane Harvesters


For the best output, invest in the best inputs. We deal following input support equipment:
  • Silage Wrapping Sheets
  • Silage Wrapping Nets
  • Baling Twine
  • Dynamic Seeds
Feel free to call us to find details about availability, price and technical specifications of any of our products. We also receive online inquiries through this page.


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