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Address: 45 Zinnia Commercial, Bahria Nasheman, Lahore


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Go 2 Canada Education Services started their business to bring all their counseling and admissions services under one umbrella so that students didn’t need to shop around.

It really is a one-stop shopping platform for Pakistani students who want to study in Canada.

Having over 25 partner Canadian institutions to choose from, we provide a myriad of study choices for Pakistani students.

Ms. Khan, Go 2 Canada’s owner and CEO, is chock full of knowledge and expertise in career and education advising because she has over 35 years of experience in Canada’s post-secondary education sector. They certainly are the go-to people who can provide all you need to study in Canada.

Finding the right university and learning all the admission requirements for studying abroad can be daunting. Go 2 Canada Education Services provides admissions information and application services to Pakistani students who want to study in Canada.

The advantage of staff members who have lived extensively in Canada and Pakistan is that they are able to deliver the knowledge and expertise needed to make a best-fit recommendation to their students.

Unwavering professional support and guidance are some of the things that will encourage you to stay and avail of their counseling and admission services.

Today’s youth need quality education to excel in the global marketplace and this is what Canada delivers – one of the best education systems in the world. This is what Go 2 Canada Education Services promotes to their students.

We take a holistic approach to studying abroad, and that is why our students are successful in their studies. Celebrating student accomplishments is what makes our work gratifying.

Our Website - https://www.go2canadaeducation.ca


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