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Help Are Us is an online purpose-built commercial store.

It is working in line with the United Nations Development Program's (UNDP) sustainable development 2030 goals.

These goals convince privileged individuals to come forward and help underprivileged people by ensuring genuine prices, the highest possible quality, and traceability.

Being a leading purpose-built commercial entity, Help Are Us is on a mission to strengthen every citizen, especially those with limited resources.

To achieve our mission, we go the extra mile to facilitate and persuade privileged communities worldwide to step forward and assist the underprivileged. We are solely committed to fair trade and a cost-effective pricing policy that does not jeopardize product quality.

We support blue-collar individuals who often struggle to find high-quality goods at decent rates. Help Are Us doesn’t only provide you with a huge assortment of products to explore but also maintains unbeatable prices.

We deliver your preferred products to your doorstep with complete traceability. And yes, we ship everything for free across the globe.

This commercial store offers all basic facilities for deprived societies because our vision is “helping you help others”. Be it food, safe drinking water, clothes, education, employment opportunities, health facilities, marriage, construction, and plantation; Help Are Us has got you covered.

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