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کیش کاؤنٹنگ مشین کی مکمل ورائٹی جو نقلی نوٹ بھی پکڑے. ہر سائز اور weight کے ڈیجیٹل سیف لاکرز جو رکھے آپکی قیمتی اشیاء کو واقعی SAFE نیز کیش رجسٹر اور بائنڈنگ مشین بھی دستیاب ہے. مزید تفصیلات یا آرڈر کیلئے رابطہ کیجئے.

NewWave is the national standard and leading brand and marketer of money counting machines, counterfeit money detectors, cash binding machines, and digital lockers at affordable prices.

We are a company dedicated to providing quality machines and equipment to assist you in your daily operations.

We deal with a large variety of cash counting machines. The following are a few examples of available machines.

  • Cash Counting Machine NW-2830; Price: 16,000
  • Cash Counting Machine NW-2829; Price: 17,000
  • Cash Counting Machine NW-2816; Price: 18,000
  • Cash Counting Machine NW-2828; Price: 20,000
  • Cash Counting Machine NW-6200; Price: 24,000
  • Cash Counting Machine NW-728; Price: 28,000
  • Cash Counting Machine NW-2200; Price: 34,000
  • Value Counting Machine NW-980b; Price: 95,000
  • Value Counting Machine NW-970; Price: 115,000
  • Value Counting Machine NW-990; Price: 120,000
  • Cash Counting Machine NW-1100; Price: 170,000
  • Cash Counting Machine NW-880C; Price: 150,000
  • Cash Counting Machine NW-880; Price: 180,000
  • Cash Counting Machine NW-1180; Price: 245,000
  • Cash Binding Machine NW-101 (20 mm); Price: 18,000
  • Cash Binding Machine NW-102 (30 mm); Price: 21,000
  • Digital Security Locker
  • Cash Box Drawer Rs:8000
  • Cash Register Machine Rs:24,000

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