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Address: Ranipur House, 23-F/1, Block 6, PECHS, Karachi


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Founded in 2023, Ranipur Ferroalloys (RFL) is a renowned manufacturer and producer of ferroalloys including but not limited to calcium carbide. Our products play a vital role in fulfilling the demand for acetylene gas primarily in the steel industry followed by nonferrous metals, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, paints, etc.

We have built upon the rich heritage and expertise of our parent company, Ranipur Sugar Mills (RSM) founded in 1998.

RFL was established by the visionary directors of RSM with the aim of adding value to various industries through the utilization of calcium carbide.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge and understanding of biomass products, we ventured into the world of Ferroalloys. We meet the growing demands of acetylene gas for its use in welding and cutting steel products, manufacturing of synthetic rubber, resin, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), insecticides, acetone, ketene, carbon black, dyes & pigments, etc.

At Ranipur Ferroalloys, we are committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the stringent requirements of our esteemed customers.

Our Website - https://ranipurferroalloys.com/


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