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Upgrade your old inefficient geysers to a smart geyser at your fingertips. Geysital is a smart geyser controller system which is affordable and easy to use. Geysital is a smart geyser controller system that provide users with complete control over geysers operation from our android or IOS app specially produced for gas, electricity, and the hybrid water heaters. Geysital a smart geyser controller system is designed to proactively monitor the health of your geyser, saving users up to 60% in energy wastage. And one very important thing you have no need to replace your geyser thermostat. It is Fast and easy installation which control your geyser at the touch of a button using the Sync&Secure App. It can easily work on every type of geysers like hot water geysers, electric geysers, smart and electric water geysers and also on instant electric geysers. You can easily control your old geysers with this technology. Download the Sync & Secure smart app directly to your smartphone from your app store and control your any type of geysers on your fingertips